Awards & Achievements

Awards and Accolades

We take immense pride in celebrating the outstanding accomplishments and recognition garnered by our school community over the years. These awards serve as a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and the holistic development of our learners. we proudly showcase our commitment to academic and extracurricular excellence, as well as our dedication to nurturing talented individuals who excel in various domains. Through the years, St. Mary's Sportsview Academy has earned numerous awards and accolades, validating our relentless pursuit of educational brilliance. These achievements not only reflect our learners' outstanding achievements but also the hard work and dedication of our exceptional faculty and staff.

Academic Excellence Awards

Our commitment to providing a top-tier education is reflected in the many academic honors we have received. Our learners achieve exceptional results in various standardized tests, academic competitions, and examinations. We are proud of our learners who have been recognized for their achievements in mathematics, science, literature, and languages at local, national, and even international levels.

Sports and Athletics Accolades

We believe in the holistic development of our learners, which includes physical fitness and sportsmanship. Our sports teams have clinched numerous championships and titles in regional and state competitions. The dedication of our athletes and the guidance of our skilled coaches have been pivotal in achieving these triumphs.

Arts and Creative Achievements

Our commitment to nurturing creativity and artistic expression is evident through the awards garnered by our talented artists, musicians, and performers. Our school's art exhibitions, musical performances, and theatrical productions have earned critical acclaim and have been recognized for their innovation and artistic excellence.

achievements in mathematics, science, literature, and languages at local, national, and even international levels.

Environmental Stewardship Awards

As responsible global citizens, we strive to make a positive impact on the environment. Our sustainability initiatives, eco-friendly campaigns, and efforts towards promoting environmental awareness have been honored with awards from environmental organizations and governmental bodies.

Technological and Innovation Honors

In today's rapidly evolving world, technological proficiency is paramount. Our learners have consistently demonstrated their prowess in various tech competitions, coding challenges, and innovation expos, earning recognition for their contributions to the tech industry

Leadership and Entrepreneurship Recognition

At St. Mary's Sportsview Academy believes in nurturing future leaders and entrepreneurs. Many of our learners have been recognized for their leadership skills and innovative business ideas in various youth entrepreneurship competitions.

About Us

Welcome to St. Mary's Sportsview Academy, where minds ignite and futures take flight. Our school isn't just a place of learning; it's a launchpad for the nation's next wave of brilliance.We don't just teach facts; we forge futures. 

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