Learners wellbeing & spirituality

The wellbeing of our
learners is our first priority

At St. Mary's Sportsview Academy, we prioritize the wellbeing of our learners. We believe that a healthy mind and body are the foundations of success. we understand that education is not just about what happens inside the classroom. It is also about nurturing the whole person—body, mind, and spirit

An upright foundation right from the start

Here are some of the ways we promote learners wellbeing:

Chaplaincy Services

Our chaplaincy team is available to offer spiritual guidance, counseling, and support for learners who seek it. They also organize prayer sessions, meditation, and reflection activities.

Physical Health and Fitness

 A healthy body contributes to a healthy mind. Our school promotes physical fitness through physical education classes, access to well-equipped facilities, a range of sports and extracurricular activities.

Mental Health Awareness

We place a strong emphasis on mental health awareness. Workshops, seminars, and awareness campaigns are organized regularly to educate learners about mental health issues and how to seek help when needed. We also work to reduce the stigma associated with mental health challenges

Nutrition and Healthy Eating

Our cafeteria provides nutritious meal options to ensure that learners have access to balanced and wholesome food choices. We educate learners about the importance of a healthy diet and how it impacts their overall wellbeing

Parent Involvement

We encourage parents to actively participate in their child's education and wellbeing. Regular communication channels, parent-teacher conferences, and workshops are organized to keep parents informed and involved in their child's development

Anti-Bullying Initiatives

Our school has a zero-tolerance policy for bullying. We have implemented anti-bullying programs, workshops, and reporting mechanisms to ensure a safe and supportive environment for all learners.

About Us

Welcome to St. Mary's Sportsview Academy, where minds ignite and futures take flight. Our school isn't just a place of learning; it's a launchpad for the nation's next wave of brilliance.We don't just teach facts; we forge futures. 

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